Cleo Manago (cleomanagosblog) wrote,
Cleo Manago

March 10, 2010

Greetings everyone:

It's been many years since I have blogged.  Was very busy and in a relationship that was more disruptive to than a breakless mack truck in rush hour traffic. Almost 4 years later, I'm going to try this again.

Just this year I discovered Facebook and Twitter too, which while they improve society's frequency in communicating it has decreased meaningful human contact.

We now have a half-Black/half-White president and a Black first lady.  President Obama has faced a gauntlet of unusual treatments, i.e. being called a liar during a national speech to congress (a first), a clearly racist 90% White group called the TEA Party who are practically squatters on the White house lawn, and among other things enduring an irrationally oppositional and disagreeable Republican party, who like the TEA party simply wants him to fail.  What I've noticed most about the Obama era is how many Black people go back in forth between a romantic - the country is better and less racist now fantasy to a damn this country is still racist schizophrenia.  This happening while many Blacks are still confused about how much they are valued and how much to value each other.

What a world!

Tags: african americans, cleo manago, facebook, michelle obama, obama, twitter
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