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Cleo Manago's Blog

From 'Trance' to Resistance, Critical Thinking to Solutions & Justice

Cleo Manago
21 September
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While noticing I was the topic of numerous blogs, it never occurred to me to start my own. Recently, in June 2005, two Beloved friends strongly encouraged me to do so. They thought I should have a public space accessible to anyone interested in sharing or engaging perspectives. Much has been written, said and even done with the name ‘Cleo Manago’ attached. Along with that, I have endured censorship from entities as large as Viacom and CBS News, and as small as a listserve called “blackmaleagenda.” Censorship, not because I was inarticulate or disorderly, but because my views tend to be thought provoking and (what I call) trance breaking. My White censors are vigilant about sustaining an imbalance in power, and, where they are Black, vigilant about their illusion of power (which, for them, is better than nothing, even though it has no value for the community.)

Self-assured and just people are not threatened by differing perspectives, even if the presentation is strong. There will be no censorship here!

My life is a fascinating journey as a contemporary descendant of enslaved Africans, a critically thinking human being, a researcher, social architect, world traveler, writer, educator, provocateur, healer and an SGL man who enjoys passionate, sincere and authentic interaction. I will address various topics, to include: Recommended publications, lectures, film and television; How to identify Artificial Black “Leadership” and Why You Should; Resolving Barriers to Critical Thinking, particularly among Black folks; Knowing The Difference Between Being Rich & Being Powerful; Why Many Black Males aren't Men; Giving Up On Being "Black"; Myths Mistaken as Facts; Current News Items; Media Literacy; Cultural Affirmation issues; Travel Updates; societal critiques; popular culture events; Personal Stories; Black HIV/AIDS Prevention Failure and its “gay” identity Roots; The Various Colors of White Supremacy; Friends, Associates and Foes; Past and Current Ideologues to Rip Off My Intellectual Property; BMX highlights and other fun things.

I hope for meaningful interaction here. I also hope those with differing positions actually state their case, and take responsibility for it. And not depend on innuendo and anonymity. That way, readers will glean the difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable.

Thanks for coming to 'Cleo Manago's Blog'

Cleo Manago